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Our Co-founder chairs a panel with LSX on ‘Building a diverse leadership team and board’

Posted on : 30th April 2021

Precision BioSearch Co-founder, Malcolm Silander, was pleased to chair a panel webinar addressing the continuing issue of diversity within venture backed biotech.

In the recently released Deerfield Report an analysis of 140 venture-backed health and life science companies found that nearly half had no female board members. And, of the six who managed to achieve 50% women on their board, all but one had a female CEO.

This webinar addresses the problem head-on, including some tangible changes that might be implemented to build a diverse leadership team and board, including:

What are the risks of hiring based on competency over experience? What are the potential benefits? How to navigate board and investor objections.

Weighing up the relative benefits of tangible solutions like rewriting policies, interview targets or quotas and unconscious bias training, by looking at them through an “idealist vs realist” lens.

How will the demand for diverse boards and leadership teams evolve in the next five years? What is the commercial risk of not taking gender parity seriously? What is the outcome if they fail to adapt? 

Watch the full panel discussion here: Diverse leadership | Female Founders (

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