Precision Biosearch

Our Story

Our careers in life sciences follow a similar journey. The early years were spent working with established Big Pharma and CROs to support large-scale, global staffing needs. In more recent years, corresponding with the steady flow of venture capital funding into the biotech sector, we partnered with emerging companies to build new teams from the ground-up.

As we continued to develop contacts, build networks and forge relationships in the field, we learnt of frustrations in the ‘the one-size-fits-all’ strategy taken by established executive search firms. It was clear to us that in order to effectively support the growth aspirations of clients, a tailored approach was required. Critically, this being an approach that considered and accounted for nuances in culture, vision, science and corporate objectives, which could be personalised for each and every client.

We listened, modified our processes and delivered for our clients. 

Precision BioSearch is the next step in this evolution. A partner to the early-stage biotech sector, we adapt precisely to clients’ needs to provide an exemplary service. Driven by a commitment to deliver and a desire to excel, our character traits set the foundations of our business philosophy. We leverage our long-standing sector relationships to access embedded talent, enabling us to swiftly secure the best-in-class leaders to transform your business. Moreover, we personally lead every engagement, maintaining simple and responsive communication with each of our clients. 

As we look forward, our mission is to create partnerships for long-term growth, where we play an indirect yet important part in bringing innovative medicines to market to help save and improve patients’ lives.