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Malcolm Silander speaking at OBN's HR Special Interest Group (HRSIG) BioTuesday

Malcolm Silander, Managing Partner of Precision BioSearch, is delighted to have been invited to contribute to the discussion of trends and modern best practice in building organisations through meaningful hiring and management practices.


Event Details

OBN’s HR Special Interest Group (HRSIG) BioTuesday | OBN (UK) Ltd‌ on Glue Up


Angela Hobbs, Chair of the HRSIG, will chair the session, and will be joined by a panel of experts who will bring their specialist insight to the topic.


Discussion points will include:

• How to manage a multi-generational team

 What are the major challenges currently facing companies from a people perspective, e.g., hybrid working

 How to build an innovative work culture

 The importance of HR leaders of continuously updating their skills, capabilities, and knowledge of best practices – what is the impact of getting this right and wrong

 What are the management styles and systems for the future – why the old style is no longer effective

 Adopting the new terms: talent not labour, teams and network not hierarchy, collaborators not competitors

 Importance and impact of building a meaningful employee experience

 How HR can support the three main characteristics of future-ready companies: know what they are & what they stand for; operate with speed and simplicity; achieve growth via scaling up their ability to learn and innovate.


About the OBN

OBN is the not-for-profit Membership organisation supporting and bringing together the UK’s life sciences companies, corporate partners and investors. They have a growing network of 400-plus member companies, located across the Golden Triangle and beyond.


Posted on : 26th September 2022

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