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'How to be an early-stage Biotech CEO in challenging times'. Our Co-founder, cited by Citeline

Our Co-founder, Malcolm Silander, chaired the discussion which formed the basis of Andrew McConaghie’s (In Vivo / Citeline) recent article, ‘How to be an early-stage Biotech CEO in challenging times’. It draws from the OBN BioTrinity 2023 panel discussion ‘The CEO of the Future’, which was held in London on 26th April.

The key topics centred on how technological advances, financial market headwinds and employee needs are making more demands of CEOs. Success in times of adversity will make CEOs and their companies more fit for purpose and patients will directly benefit from this leaner, tougher, fight-ready biotech industry as investment levels rise in the future.

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Posted on : 14th May 2023