Precision Biosearch

Malcolm Silander is invited to Chair a panel session at LSX World Congress.

Posted on : 10th May 2024

Malcolm Silander, Co-founder of Precision BioSearch, was delighted to be invited to Chair a panel session at LSX – Partnering for Life Science Executives World Congress, held on 29th-30th May 2024 in London, UK.

As moderator, he guided a panel of seasoned biotech and VC industry experts through a discussion on ‘Crafting Success: Building an Exceptional Executive Team in Biotech’. The panel delved into insights, strategies, and experiences in building executive teams that drive innovation, navigate challenges, and propel biotech companies to success.

Debating the intricacies of talent acquisition within the fiercely competitive biotech arena, the panel explored effective strategies for identifying and recruiting top-tier individuals. They emphasized the pivotal role of diversity and inclusion within executive team composition, highlighting its significance in fostering innovation and navigating the complexities of company growth. Delving deeper, they examined the nuances of cultural fit and team dynamics, shedding light on the challenges and considerations inherent in scaling an executive team in a burgeoning biotech enterprise.

The discussion yielded some key takeaways: the panellists underscored the importance of introspection for leaders, advocating for ‘radical honesty’ in assessing company culture. They stressed the need for deliberate action in defining job descriptions, attracting diverse perspectives, and fostering inclusivity in decision-making processes. Effective communication emerged as the cornerstone of fostering trust both internally among management and externally with stakeholders such as investors and recruitment partners. This, they concluded, forms the bedrock for overcoming the inherent challenges of scaling a biotech venture.

Thank you to the panellists: Kristen Albright, CEO of Prokarium; Jason Mellad, CEO & Co-Founder of Start Codon; Rosie Rodriguez, SVP Growth at Relation Therapeutics; and João Ribas, Principal at Novo Holdings.